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We believe that as industry pioneers, it is Perfect Gym’s responsibility to share the knowledge gained from working alongside well-established operators with those at all stages of growth, supporting and guiding fitness providers on the value of digitally transformative systems.


The constant development of online presence is the first step of digital transformation. As mobile devices become the medium of choice to perform everyday tasks, the fitness industry must not only move online but also into their customer's hands. Perfect Gym’s white-label mobile app is a great way for gym owners and facility operators to stay connected with their customers. In-built automated messaging and smart campaigns triggered by members' interaction with the app and sports facility can lead to increased engagement and loyalty to a club.

The second step of digital transformation is the evolution of facility management software. There is a real need for gym owners and facility operators to consider moving beyond the capabilities of outdated system providers. Perfect Gym’s structure is based on

an Open API strategy, helping you deliver a full suite of digital experiences to your members. A strategy based on an ecosystem of 3rd party tools and experience applications ranging from payment providers, access control and premium services delivers a holistic customer experience, setting you apart from the competition.


As consumer interactions become more personalised, gym owners and facility operators need to shift their focus to big data to transform and deliver a customer-centric experience. Perfect Gym allows its customers to collect user data. Armed with this information, gym and facility owners can make data-driven decisions, creating more personalised experiences.


Perfect Gym is the management software platform that adopts a user-focused, mobile-first approach centred around developing your digital ecosystem including 3rd party tools, experience applications and delivering operational excellence.


Marco Schott

Marco Schott
Enterprise Sales Manager

Elliot Nuttall

Elliot Nuttall
Enterprise Sales Director


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