Transaction Services Group

Transaction Services Group

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TSG is a leading global revenue management solutions company. For more than 25 years we have been providing innovative customer engagement software, integrated payments and value-added services for clients and businesses all across the globe. We process over 5 million Direct Debits on behalf of clients each month, but we do more than process member payments. We take the hassle of membership management out of your hands with a customised service tailored to your business:

We provide a total solution from consultancy on membership structures, provision of membership agreements and sign up platforms, direct debit management, full credit control, customer service and marketing support along with full account management to focus on increasing income and reducing administration time and cost. 

Introducing TSG in brief:

  • Leader in membership payment management solutions
  • Customised follow up approach reduces default rate by as much as 40%
  • Large customer services centre for member queries
  • Flexible integrations with existing CRM & software
  • Online joining & payment management for members
  • Everyday DD payments 
  • Expert advice on hand & access to our ecosystem of partners

Our question:

After helping more than 10.000 clients in the Health and Fitness Industry, TSG operates globally with offices in London, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Eindhoven, Phoenix & San Diego, is GERMANY also ready for the TSG-effect?

Our goal with the TSG-effect is: Making your life easier!


Erwin Korst

Erwin Korst
Managing Director Western Europe


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